art shack

We are intrinsically connected to nature and our surrounding landscapes. Being in and around nature's beauty continually inspires me with its ever-changing canvas of shifting colors, patterns and textures. I relish the challenge of trying to capture the emotional and visual essence of any given moment in our evolving environment. Painting with oils, my intent is to create enough form and detail to intrigue but leave enough ambiguity for the viewer to become a part of the experience - bringing their own context to each painting.

Although I've been painting since I was very young, it took a 20 year detour as a graphic designer before finally "coming home" to my true love of putting brush to canvas. I'm enjoying a rewarding affiliation with the Angeles Crest Art Guild and being inspired by incredibly talented local artists. I have a BFA in Studio Art from The University of Texas in Austin and studied under Larry Robison in the accredited UC Berkeley Extension Program. I currently live with my family in the Los Angeles area.

Archival prints in various sizes are available for sale. Please contact me by email below for more information.